900 West BBQ Coleslaw Recipe

This is a standard mayonnaise-base coleslaw recipe. I make this almost every time I BBQ. Enjoy. Recipe Changelog March 27, 2021 – recipe update, based on notes from BBQ Logbook #1. These changes increase the dressing volume/thickness (mayo), and add more tangy flavor to the dressing. I also started measuring Dijon by mass. Carrot 80g … Read more

BBQ Logbook #1 – March 20-21, 2021

This is my first BBQ Logbook at what is now known as 900 West BBQ. I’m excited to start this culinary journey where I’ll be learning how to make irresistibly good BBQ. Check out my About Me page for more details about this site and my cooking style. (Click through to what you want to … Read more